Freqently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my carpets take to dry once they have been cleaned - do they stay wet for a long time?

There are wild claims made by some service providers about their fast drying times; but with the inferior equipment they use, you will find that the results just don’t stack up! Carpets can be left wet for a considerable time, causing great inconvenience and leaving you feeling disappointed and disillusioned.

At A C S Specialist Cleaning we have always invested in state of the art equipment, which is designed with variable solution pressures and matched high powered vacuum systems to get those carpet fibres cleaned, reconditioned and dry in record time! Most of our customers are amazed to find that their carpets are cool or almost dry to the touch even before we have left their premises – just read some of their comments in our testimonials column.

Q. Once a carpet or item of upholstered furniture has been cleaned, does it get dirty again quicker?

Absolutely not. On the contrary, the detergents we use will remove the soiling from the fibres, rinse and replace conditioners (colour brighteners, oils and softeners) all in one process. Your carpets or furniture will be hygienically cleaned and freshened, giving them a new lease of life. It’s often easier to think about carpets or soft furnishings as you would with clothing – you would never dream of not cleaning them!

Q. How long will the cleaning process take?

With our superior cleaning technology we find customers are consistently delighted at just how quickly and quietly the process is completed. They often like to watch and are fascinated by the almost instant "before and after" effects of the cleaning system. Fast, advanced equipment and knowing that we can give a fairly accurate completion time means that disruption to your day is kept to an absolute minimum. 

Q. This sounds great, but what about costs?

Some service providers are very expensive comparatively, and to them repeat business is not a priority. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for so the cheapest cleaning company will not always offer the best service. We do not advertise ultra-cheap prices to attract attention and then find we can’t back up the service! Instead we (and our customers!) feel that our prices are fair and competitive. We quote on a reducing scale, which means that the more areas you have cleaned the greater the percentage reduction in cost. We can’t be fairer than that - just phone us and ask for a free quote, you will be pleasantly surprised!